Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I loathe today.

Okay that's not a fair statement.
Unfortunate events started out just tonight.
Things appeared to be good and fun until before I took a shower.

I knocked over a door,
almost tripped in the bathroom,
bit my lip so hard I ended up in tears,
scared myself out when I caught a glimpse of myself on the kitchen door's glass across the room (I looked like Sadako and ended up tied my hair up tho it was still wet),
my dad hung up the phone line before I said anything (I hate when people do that),
my nose begun and still leaking,
my printer broke down (now I have ink all over my fingers),
I seemed to be donating blood to the mosquitoes more than I was willing to,
and tho I know I am one of the lucky person who don't have to worry about what to eat tomorrow or where to sleep tonight, still, right now, all I have in my shallow mind is :

Ugh. I need music and some PowerPuffGirls ambiance.

Woke up around 5.30. Off to campus as usual.
Study study study until 10. Back to work for Magic presentation until 12.30.
Back home.
Chilling out.
Picked up my sis at campus.
Watched The Tale of Desperaux. I would love to read the book. And.. For the storyline, for me, it was a little too . . . quirky. I mean.. No soup = No rain. Soup = Rain = Happiness.
Got jealous to every people who watched Transformers2 today.
My day started to get irritating.

Stumbled upon this really cool pics

Underwater photography is seriously magnificent for sure. If only I could ever overcome my fear of sharks, which would never happen.

I'm just going to end the day.
With another chapter of New Moon definetly
"This was worse than any romantic movie; this was so real that it sang out loud with joy and life and true love. I put my muffin down and folded my arms across my empty chest. I stared at the flowers, trying to ignore the utter peace of their moment, and the wretched throbbing of my wounds."
New Moon pg. 333 paragraph 9

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