Thursday, July 30, 2009


Wow. Where did time go?
I've been too busy having too much fun.
But I miss blogging, dearly.
I will be back on track soon!!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009


I seriosly thought today was Saturday.
I'm in my hometown now, so Sundays usually starts with me getting up b4 the sun rise for morning sunday service. Instead I woke up around 8 this morning. So it doesn't feel like Sunday at all.

Since last blog was a little bit gloomy, today blog would be completely superficial and incoherent.

Let's start.
What the 5 first things you do in the morning once you open your eyes?
Me myself :
1. Trying reaaaally hard to remember what day is it
2. Thanking God for another morning I'm allowed to enjoy while burrying my nose on my guling kecil
3. Snatch my blackberry to see the time
4. Read hollywood tweets that were updated while I was asleep
5. Check my facebook notification

Of course, those 5 things only for holiday period. Those 5 are not valid when the semester starts, it only goes as far as number 3.

Now, on even more superficial level, what you can't live without? Only 1 thing. And it has to be entirely shallow people will be dazed when they hear your answer.
Answers such as water or food, technology, music, love, boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, ur BFF, etc. is not in the category.

Mine would be my guling kecil. I don't know what it's called but I called her guling kecil.
My sleep feels incomplete without her. Like your sleeping on the wrong side of your bed. Phantom feelings, I know.
It's like taking a little piece of home with you.
Okay,that was too deep. It would violate today's blog goal.

You see, my guling kecil have a specific scent.
I like the smell of mixed saliva, a lil blood, n mucus that is on my guling kecil. It is completely gross in prospect but for me it's the smell of paradise.
Evry night before I go to sleep, I would inhale the scent deeply until I'm out of breath.

So there you go. My incoherent blog.
I am so gonna laugh when I read this again. And even probably resent myself a little for being so shallow.
But I am just too at peace today to be all broody and critical.
Oh happy day.
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Friday, July 17, 2009


I am in a state of euphoria I'm slightly delirious.
I think I'm going to sleep in blooded tears tonight.
I had so much laugh that if I have to pay back the happiness, I'll be dead broke.

Today was a full day of merry and Christmas is still 6 months away.
Me and my other 3 friends went to a traditional market to buy a pair of gold earings. A pretty one I must say. Good eye.
Then we lunch-ed.
A quick stop to change clothes (we put on our best gembel uniform) then off we go.
Then the fun starts. One word only. Karaoke.
Thank you to anyone who were briliant enuf to create this remarkable machine without it we might be doomed.
After that, time to recharge the energy that was waste. We went to a yummy dinner. I ate sushi. It was an impossibility. But I have witnesses.

As usual, at the end of the day I feel spent. I'm brutally exhausted after a long day with people.
But it was worth it. Since today would be the last day I would see my diamonds. Mon dieu.
Well, at least until next month.

But I feel bad of my joyfullness.
You see, while we were having fun today, people were and probably are dying.
There were bombs exploded at several spots in the city. And there were rumors that bombs were still will be exploding later that day.
I did not fear for I know my God will protect me.
Still, I fear for my family and friends and others.
They were innocent people. And they were hurt. Bloods were seen evrytime you turned head. Body parts were not a strange thing to be stumbled upon. If I were there, I would probably go numb and limp. Even when I wasn't hurt.

I'm not sure on whom who did these bombing. And I even couldn't grasp the reason of these explosions .I couldn't care less of the reason, only the victims. Anything is not important enough if it means to take other people's life.

I'm just going to quote sumthing from a movie :
"... some things don't matter much. Like the color of a house. How big is that in the overall scheme of life? But lifting a person's heart--now, that matters. The whole problem with people is ... they know what matters, but they don't choose it... The hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters."

Those bombers are making all the wrong choices.

Our God is a gentle soul. And I know He is crying up there watching His sons got hurt. Let's not make Him cry. He suffers enough.

(I'd post pictures. But my heart won't take it)

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


As promised, my second post of today.
It has been eventful since my last blog.
Okay, that's a lie. But a beautiful lie.

I didn't step out of the house since this noon. So nothing happened. And I come to think I wouldn't mind be a prisoner in this place. It has been my safe harbour.
Well, it was invaded by three obnoxiously noisy boys for the last couple of hours, so it wasn't so serene and safe. But they keep me entertained.
And I don't mind as long as they stay out of my way. They are fun.

My sis friend is spending the night here. And her BB couldn't stop sneezing my nose got itchy. Such a busy girl whom I deeply love. She was pouring her heart out about another bitchoss (male bitch) whom I just discovered.
Well, I think deep down I always know he was an ass. I like to think I have good instincts. And me keep staying out of his way must have meant something.
Poor girl, I wish I could slap him in the face! Unfortunately, I'm not that fierce.
And that girl, well, let's just say never ever judge a book by it's cover. I thought she was a Virgin Mary. Turned out she was more of a Bloody Mary (you know, the cocktail).
My diamond, be patient. Just ignore them. They don't deserve you.

Well, that was a dark topic. I enjoy gossip. But I never really like to talk trash about people.
On a lighter note, I have made my decision!
I'm going with Holga.
Yes. 120N multicolor holga. You know, the bublegum coloured one.
Here some results from the holga.

Do you think I made the right choice? Methinkso.
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I haven't blog for quite some time.
Almost a week.
Well, besides my declining passion for blogging, I have some perfectly acceptable reasons. First, I was sick. Second, I had final exam waiting for me. Third.. I'm working on it.
In the mean time, I will redeem mysel today by posting 2 blog for today. This would be the 1st one. The 2nd one will be posted later tonight.

Final exam are waaay behind me (well, that was over 24 hours ago so it's like so last day) and I am back to my unemployement self. Doing absolutely nothing productive.
As for the 1st day of my 1-month-freedom, I feel utterly content at peace with one full day of nothing to do.
Now I have time for completely illogical and unimportant activities. Such as coloring my nails, rearrange my closet, mix and match clothes, browsing without clear objective, watching hollywood gossip all day, editing photos, stuffing candies to my mouth all day, etc. etc.
I just heart holiday huuuge.

As you all know, I held a garage sale a few weeks ago. And I did have a strange urge to make money. Still do actually, tho not as firey as the 1st strike. Now, I am just this money-keeper.
Do you ever have times when you just don't want to spend money? Even a dime?
I've been in that period for quite some time. Ever since my garage sale finished.
I'm telling you, it is very unusual of me.
I have never been the one who hold themselves when they want something. Well, my biggest splurge is in not-a-life-or-death-matter, that is, fashion need.

I am just addicted to shopping. Not a heavy shoppaholic tho. Definitely not. I have a strong self-control when my heart is in it.
Proof : I haven't spend any money that is not related to food, drinks, or campus-stuff since my garage sale, that would be almost 3 weeks, I think. I know, I'm also proud of myself.

Well, the fact that my lust on lomo camera did add more strength to my self-restraint.
Any1 can help me to choose the right camera?
I am torn between holga or diana or okto. I have no idea whatsoever about this 3 type. I just found that holga and diana are the most popular. And as for okto, I'm in love with it because it can capture moving object. My heart goes out to okto. But I am open for options.

Above is Diana. I am in love because of the dreamy image results.

This is Holga. I think the result between Diana and Holga are similar. But don't you just fall in love with the bubble gum colour? Heart it!!

This is oktomat. Cute right? You can take pictures of moving objects. I already have so much ideas for objects to shoot in mind!!

And this one is fisheye. This is also very unique. Not a big fan tho.

I am in need for some therapy.
Ever since high school, I couldn't be more people person.
Don't get me wrong, I like people. I love my friends. But I just can't be with people for 24/7 straight. I might gone stark raving mad.
I found my self in a severe exhaustion after one day out with my friends or my family.
I guess that's why I'm in a bit on the introvert side. I mean, I am all about fun and bonding, but I am just not capable of interacting with another human for too long. It takes all energy I have to be all charming and cheerful and talk. Gosh, the talk.

Don't you find yourself babbling incoherently everytime there is silence? I do. At least with people that I am not comfortable with.
Happened to me yesterday. There is this new girl who about to enroll to my uni. And I sort of accompanied her to get all the administration done. I know how frustrating it can be.
She is very sweet, very friendly, and I sincerely like her. And I kept trying to fill in the silence. Boy was I tired? Yes. Not because we took a tour around UPH, several times, but because I need to keep compose my self.
Then.. Her mother offered me to spend some nights at their home. I could see the horror in my eyes through rearview mirror. I managed to keep smiling tho. I have mentioned it before right? I loathe sleepover. Anything that involve me not sleeping in my own bed is just a horrific prospect for me.
I need some spontaneous vibe. See, people who are sponatenous are much more fun to be with. Unlike me.

It reminded me of Dakota Fanning's character, Sally, in Dr Seuss' The Cat in The Hat. Allow me to quoter her :
"Today's to do list. Number one, make to do list. Number two, practice coloring. Number three, research graduate school. Number four, be spontaneous. Number five, create lasting childhood memories. Number six, amend will.
What is he doing?"
She was referring to her brother act for his indoor stage luge .
Heart this movie big time.

Until tonight blog. I might have a decision on which lomo to choose.
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Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm sick of being sick.
My nose has been driving crazy since last week.
And my throat has ben nagging me since monday. It even had a chance to give me a fever.
My throat cause me quite pain. As for my nose, I'm used to it. Considering I always have a leaking nose evry morning.

However, I am so grateful that my headache appearantly toned down by the flu n the throatsore.
I mean, it only gave me between mild to low level of headache.
I don't think I'll be able to sit here and endure the LAST (you have no idea how happy I am) magic class.
I was just done presenting 90 slides of our presentation on IBM for the magic final project.

Yes, that IBM has evrything to do with my lack of blog posting desire. I was always too tired after google-ing and yahoo-ing and some editing of the magic final project.

But we are done!! And I am obnoxiously happy right now. Like Disney musical happy.
I know I still have final exams waiting for me.
But as for right now, I'm just extremely content of the fact that there will be no more presentation, no more late workgroup, and the luxury of browsing with no clear objective.

For today, all I'm going to do is focus on recovering my health charts.
It has ben declining; down and down.
Final exams prep just have to wait until Saturday.

Btw, I will be back to my hometown this weekend.
About to deliver my garage sale stuff that was sold to my high school friends @ UNPAR.
Major fun.
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Saturday, July 4, 2009


I swear if I could take off my head, I would.
It has been tormenting me since last night.

When I woke up today around 7.20, I seriously thought I had little evil minions mining braincells inside my head. It didn't feel like I was asleep. More like losing my consciousness. I didn't feel refreshed or rested. But it's impossible to be fainted for 8 hours.
I didn't take any painkiller or other medicine (strangely) and just waited to see if it gets better.
It did get better until after I got back from mall.
When I finally got back home, my head was nagging me and my nose couldn't seem to stop sneezing. Geez. I had to lay in bed for a couple minutes.

Can't write anymore.
Too suffered right now.
I did had some highlights.
Ice Age 3 was hilarious.
And I had a good laugh.
Oh. And of course, I got to see AndersonCooper. He's just soooo cool.
Heart him.
In his tribute..
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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Surprisingly enough, today was not as dragged as I thought it would be.

It was actually fun. Yeah. I did feel utterly at ease today.

Big chances are because my sis n her friend accompanied me through the entire process of garage sale. They both always cheer me up no matter what mood I was having. Heart them HUGE.

Oh, and also because not one single customer walked through my town house's door.

I know. I'm weird. I'm happy because we have no customer? I am so not going to be a good businesswoman.

How do I explain?

You see, I've been having this horrific hunch since yesterday. My excitement level has decreased to zero. And I supposed I'm just glad because I was proven to be right. At least me having this uneasy feeling in my guts was actually not for nothing. I was damn right.

Well, we did sell 2 bags, but it was after working hours.. And some more through facebook. The amazeness of internet. I am so grateful I wasn't born in medieaval era.

Woke up around 7.35.

Went to campus to spread some more pamflets. (What a waste of paper since nobody came. Sorry, trees)

Then went back home. Did some more uploads to facebook.

Endure through garage sale.

And since we had no customer, I was able to watch PPG in peace. Yay!

Got my dose of hotness by watching Bones, Criminal Minds, and Prison Breaks.

Ending my day with more New Moon.

"It was very strange, for I knew we were both in mortal danger. Still, in that instant, I felt well. Whole. I could feel my heart racing in my chest, the blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins again. My lungs filled deep with the sweet scent that came off his skin. It was like there had never been any hole in my chest. I was perfect-not healed, but as if there had been no wound in the first place."

New Moon pg 452 prgrph 5
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've been swamped with garage sale prep I have no desire left to blog.
Today was the 1st day of the event.
I was excited when I first had the idea.
Now, not anymore.
I woke up this morning with a big gulp on my stomach. Like I've been punched. Thus when I know today would be eventful. And not in a good way.

My so terrible hunch turned out to be wrong. Well, not entirely wrong. But I can surely tell you I had better days.
The garage selling was terribly slow it literally hurts. I'm still having the headache side effect of browsing all day while waiting for customers.
At least my worst case scenario did not turned out to be true. I was prepared for no sale today. But we did sell some stuff. I was more than relieved tho I can't say I'm satisfied.

There's still 2 days left. I'm still hopeful. The excitement had entirely gone. But I'd endure. I have to finish it. And making money just a reward for my perseverance.

I had 2 breakdown today. 1st I was quivering as usual, on schedule, around 10 to 11. It was mild cause I wasn't doing any hard activities. I was doing inventory check and the paper I held was shaking.
Strangely, I wellcomed the shivering. In fact, I was hoping for it. So I wasn't too surprised when it hit me.
Second breakdown was during the garage sale opening. It was about an hour pass 1. I supposed you can call it a garage sale breakdown. But it's all gone after I lied on bed about half an hour.
During the day my sariawan was nagging me crazy. It hurts evrytime I drink. The thing is, I drink a lot. So it was an enormous torment. But I sort of like it.
I was irritated outside because of the bored and the heat, all that pain actually makes me comfortable. It was as if the outsider can't be worse than what pain I was enduring.
Have I turned masochistic?
That would be a first. I have been always dodging my way out through the pain with medical help. Lately, not so much anymore.

Tomorrow will be another boring day. At least I will have some company. My friend will join me for tomorrow garage selling. We'll see how it goes.

I actually have read up until the 20th chapter of New Moon. However, I'm too agitated with garage sale too quote anything. Maybe in friday. Another quote of the briliant mind of Stephenie Meyer.

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