Monday, June 22, 2009


I had the worst headache ever.
It was so bad I needed to take a nap. I don't normally do naps.
Honestly, I'm not capable of doing naps. It's just not in my system to sleep during the day.
Well, I didn't exactly took a nap. I was lying in bed for 2 hours to be precise.
I took sleeping pill, the action gave me nothing but a faster fluttering heartbeat beyond normal I was convinced I was having a heartattack.
Well, this happens a lot so it wasn't as dire as it sounded. But, still, it was excruciating.

I'm feeling all better now. The headache is still there but managable enough for me to function.

Woke up around 5.30 with the headache. Off to campus. Class until 11. Headache got worse.
Random : I got invitation for SD reunion. At first, I had no clue on the 2 people that invited me. I had no memory of them. But then I realized one of the names that was listed. Not sure if I'm coming.
Working on magic presentation until 1.
Went back home with even worser headache. I had no idea how I got I home. I remember I was paying the parking tickets and after that the stabbing pain took control.
All I know I was lying in bed wandering off to la la land until I heard my sister came home.
I guess that was when the sting finally tuned down a knotch.

Watched PowerPuffGirls after so long. It was a full 3 days since the last time I enjoy the company off Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles.

I'm not sure what is it that keep me coming back to check on them. I always feel happier and lighter after.I suppose it has something to do with childhood memory? I feel like I was a child all over again. No crazy lecturers, no boys drama, no assignments, no paying the bills, no headaches, what a great life.

Watched GossipGirl season 2 finale. Chair (Chuck and Blair) ended up together. At last.

Ending my day with another chapter of New Moon for sure.
"The place wasn't nearly so stunning without the sunlight but it was still very beautiful and serene. It was the wrong season for wildflowers; the ground was thick with tall grass that swayed in the light breeze like ripples across a lake.
It was the same place . . . but it didn't hold what I had been searching for."
New Moon pg. 234 paragraph 2

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