Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day!
At least, in the other side of the world.

Since we are celebrating Father's Day, I'd like to tell some fun facts about my dada.
1. He doesn't like too sweet candies
2. He hates the smell of hand sanitizer
3. He's good at basically everything
4. He can't sleep if the bed's too soft (I'm telling you, his bed is rock solid)
5. The thing I really like? His smell. He has this unparallel smell when I'm snuggling in his embrace. Sort of i-just-woke-up smell I guess. All I know, that smell always makes me feel save. Weird, huh? Maybe I should extract his smell. So everytime I'm scared, I just sprayed them and boom, I'm okay. Good idea.

Woke up around 7.30 (went bed around 11, finally I have some decent sleeptime)
Spending all morning working on PEST presentation. Then went to sunday service.
Lunch at supermall. I'm telling you, eating kebab and still able to look sharp and tidy is a hard work including a pack of tissue.
Went crazy with sis at CCC. got the bez deal ever. satin pants for 85thousand. Unbelievable.
Google-ing and yahoo-ing for another magic presentation. Thankfully, some1 really kind in msn world lend me a hand. The kindness of stranger.
Watched Coraline. Reminded me a lot of NightmareB4Christmas. I wasn't too impressed tho.
Checking out vintage photos of my big fam. I mean, literally. It was mostly in the 50's. This one def my fav. It was my parent's wedding day. Heart it huge.

Ending my day with another chapter of New Moon.
"He whistled cheerfully, an unfamiliar tune, swinging his arms and moving easily through the rough undergrowth. The shadows didn't seem as dark as usual. Not with my personal sun along."
New Moon pg. 198 paragraph 4.

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