Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Secretly Wish I Was A Customer Service Officer in A Fabulous Bank

Due to waterpark tasks, I attended a bank far more often than I usually do. I know it's weird and even pushing to the creepy level, but I actually love it. Sure the line and the waiting is exhausting but I'm excited to meet the Customer Service Officer (CSO)!

In this particular bank, all CSOs are female and they all young and attractive and well-groomed. They have the brightest smile and always smells good. Not a hair strand fall out of place. Just picture perfect all day all the time . They also seem abnormally amiable.

They have a soothing voice and it almost sounds like they were singing everytime they open their mouth. Patience is their middle name. Hell, I think it's their first name cause that's just what they are. No matter how annoying their customer is, that sincere smile would never go away. It's like nothing can bother them. Nothing can touch their perfect serene bubble.

I know they are paid to do so but seeing that caring eyes and that sincere smile, I'm just completely hypnotized. And a little bit jealous. I really wish I have all of their admirable traits.
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