Sunday, August 30, 2009


So.. When I was in senior high school, I also took another course with Ibu Yuanita.
She taught me almost evrything. From Bahasa Indonesia to Chemistry. I'm telling you, she is one smart woman.
She was in her mid 40s I guess. And she has a daughter. Again, can't remember her name. But I remember she was taking archery lessons. I admire her liking to this unique branch of sport. Girl power!
Ibu Yuanita was always kind to me. Since at that time I was included in the diligent department. I like to be given all those chemistry reactions and those math equations. Not sure why, I just did. So she grew fond of me. And sometimes she would give this intermezzo, she would said, stories about almost anything besides school subjects, life lessons I guess.
She can be very strict tho.
I remember this boy named Sony. He was in his junior year and he was really naughty. Ibu Yuanita would gave him 5 numbers to do and 2 hours later he still at number 2. LOL
But he was entertaining.
I ended my lessons w Ibu Yuanita to take UAN prep course at Daniel.
None of the teacher impressed me. Considering I don't remember any of the teachers name. But taking courses at Daniel was fun. I met students from another school and got to 'mingle and melted'.
Ibu Yuanita, thank you, for all ur shared knowledge and all ur intermezzo.

Last formal course I took was for a French class.
It was last year. I studied French for about 2 months w another 10 people.
I have two teachers. Miss Jenifer and Ka Elga.
Miss Jenifer is a native so I rarely understand what she was saying. Still, with that burning red hair and those 'toujours toujours', we all fell in ♥ with her.
Ka Elga is Indonesian so his classes were much more make sense to me. He had this really cute flaw. He gets easily blushed. You can see his cheeks got red evrytime we tease him w a classmate. O how bad were we.
Miss Jenifer and Ka Elga, thank you for your patience teaching us how to pronounce rightly all those bonjour and je suis. Merci beaucoup. (Is that correct? I forgot evrything)

Wow. It feels really good to remember all those experiences I had and how much I learned. Thank you! Merci merci!
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I'm not sure why I suddenly want to blog this. It's kind of a nostalgic thing.
I'm on my way back to karawaci and out of the blue I thought of Ko Reza. My ex physics n math guru les when I was in junior high school.

I remember him as a friendly guy. He has this chubby face and I always thought he was cute.
I remember he rarely eat anything that my mom served for him. In my mind, I thought he was on a diet. LOL
I also remember his bike. And his perseverance to go through the rainy storm to teach me and examine my homeworks.
Ko Reza, wherever u are, I thank you for not only teaching me, but also to be patient with me. (I'm that kind of a moody student back then). You kind of developed my ♥ for logical mathematical equation. Thank you.

Other than him, back in junior high school, I also took a very brief course of guitar.
I can't remember his name tho. But I always pictured him as an uncle who gave me guitar lessons.
He was kind and very religious so he taught me chords for christian's songs.
I have always enjoyed every sunday afternoon I spent with him and my 1 other friend.
He was the first man who showed me how to not cry when your fingers are bleeding because of trying to get that perfect chord, but to actually ♥ it coz it means you did your best.
So, thank you for giving me my first ♥ ever of bleeding fingers n also a reason for my dad to bought me guitar.

In senior high school, I found myself back to guitar course at Yamaha music school.
It lasted longer than before. About a year.
My guitar teacher was Ko Zackhy or Zaki or something like that.
He was tall and thin and I can't help to compare him to the tin man from alice in wonderland.
He was strict in some ways, but never too strict to make me want to quit.
I remember our half-an-hour-once-a-week course was always too short. Evrytime I start to get a grip of a new song, the time's up. But I loooove evry single song he gave me.
I chose classic guitar so all the songs were very melodically beautiful.
But I guess I'm just not that devoted to music. I ended up ending the course after a year due to my hectic school schedule.
So Ko Zaky, thank you for giving me a beautiful melodic period of my life.

Suddenly feel sleepy. I'll continue later tonight..
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is utterly completely tacky but somehow I don't care. LOL
I'm not a big fan of my own birthday. The all unnecessary attention and all the unrequired surprises. Seriously, pleaseee, no surprises.
I don't mind the presents tho. Oh do give me presents.

Now, for a little inspiration :

Number 1 to 3 is between me and God, so you can handle the rest.

4. A chihuahua dog.
You may think they look like rats, but I fell in love with them eversince that movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

5. This one is easy. I'm curious about Stephenie Meyer new novel, The Host. Preferably the english version.

6. If you ever been to my town house, you probably realized the mess my sis' n my shoes made. It's like little Mangdu behind our sofa. So a shoe rack would be a perfect gift for us. Preferably wooden and preferably spacious.

7. A watch. Seriously, my watches are broken. I have 6 watches and only 2 that are working properly. Keep it simple and classic tho. No rubber watch or those jelly watches please.
8. ALL The Corrs album. I just love them. They are epic.

9. Another novel : The Secret Life of Bees by Sophie Monk

10. Tanning spray or even a voucher for a tan spray. I am not joking here. I need a little colour on my skin.

11. Vintage onepiece smiwsuit

12. Lomo camera : holga multicolour.

13. BIBLE!!! I know! I can't find my bible anywhere. I seriously need one.

14. Black leather jacket.

15. A boyfriend perhaps? What do you think? I prefer some meat on my boy. So no skinny boys. A God-fear person is definitely a must. For others, refer to Is It You by Cassie lyric.

I actually think my birthday list is so humble. LOL. I mean, they all possible and not over the top. Be grateful that I'm not greedy.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I feel really alone right now.
Literally n metaphorically speaking.
I'm at home by myself accompanied by tv n my guling kecil n my constant headache.
And I just feel like I have nobody I can run to.

I mean, sure I have my parents for financial support and shelter.
But I don't have my emotional trash can.
All I want is someone who would stay on my side and massage my temples and actually happy doing it. While I'm crying and yelling at that person about how wrong my day goes.
Well, my guling kecil has been a briliant listener but I would be happy to have some soothing assuring comments.

I need a dog.
I'm considering a cihuahua. Only for practical reasons. They small and doesn't need extra grooming.
That is definitely going to my bday wish list
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Friday, August 7, 2009


I seriously totally forgot that I have a blog.
My apologiez for lack of posts.
I can't help it.
Blogging has lost its charm.

Still, I find some weird fascination of stating what I could never state in real life.

What's been shaking my world?

There are two things that are quite significant.

First, I've been dead scared about going to hell.
I read this amazing book about heaven and hell.
The hell part is formidable. As I ended in tears imagining the pain.
The heaven part took even more tears. You should read it yourself to understand my tears of joy.

Now, after reading that, I realized how wrong have I led my life.
There are things that I have to change.
I don't know how. God will show me the way. And I WILL change. That is a scout's honour.

Second, our online store is coming together.
We're still raw, but we're getting there.
By we I mean, of course, me and my diamonds.
It didn't feel like working.
I enjoyed the whole process.

That's all for now.
Be sure to check out our collection
Secondfashion Shop at Facebook

Until we blog again.. xoxo
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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Family politic makes me nauseous.
Honestly, how hurtful it is to be betrayed by your own blood? It is absolutely atrocious.

Does Hamlet taught u nothing? (That is the selfish mother Gertrude of course) Honestly!

My dad came home today with a weird outrage that I rarely see.
My dad doesn't get angry.
And yet, he was furious.
I'm concern about my dad. I mean, who wants to see their loves one hurt?
And I also took pity on my mother. She is stuck in the middle.
She should defend her husband, but still, the enemies are family. How do u resent ur family and not be resented?

Well.. I suppose I should quote Hamlet (the briliant tho homosexual William Shakespeare)
'I have heard,' said Hamlet,
'That guilty creatures sitting at a play
Have by the very cunning of the scene
Been struck so to the soul that presently
They have proclaimed their malefactions;'
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