Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I should change my blog name to 'month by month'. By the time I created this blog, I was determined to post every single day. But I guess I was too ambitious.
It's december already! Time flew. Okay, that's not entirely true. There were days where I felt like time seems to excruciatingly stopped. But mostly, time just went by unnoticedly.
Just a quick run-down.
- Final exams are way done! Gosh, I think this is the laziest semester ever. I think I did okay. Though I know for sure my GPA will not as briliant as last semester. I couldn't blame anyone but myself.
- Met my niece from OZ. Her name is Valery. She's s precious! Too adorable to be true. And definitely too smart for her age! I'm a proud aunty!

- Me and my diamonds went to Anyer beach for an exam-stress-reliever. A little fun in the sun. Worked like a charm. We had so much fun there. Unfortunately, there's a price to pay. My sunburn was a torture! I was in so much pain I thought I actually had a skin-cancer!

- Celebrated Christmas for 4 times. One in UPH. One in Subang. One in Bandung. One in Jakarta. Merry Christmas and happy birthday, big J!
- My mom birthday was yesterday. We had a little bit cake thing going on. It's the first time me and my fam gave my mom a cake on her bday. She looked surprised but happy. Happy 52nd bday, my beloved mom!

- New Year is coming up. Don't know if I'm going to celebrate it or not cause bed sounds so tempting.
Until we blog again!
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