Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mad About Mad Men

Have you guys seen it yet? It's so swell I want to smoke. And I don't even like people who smokes! So yes, the series is that good.
Oh yes, the smokes. Everybody smokes in every opportunity. Idle hands are not permitted. Either in a meeting, after having sex with someone other than your wife, baby-sitting, driving, in every meals, in between meals, just mention an activity and you'll find a cigarette sitting patiently with its smoke hypnotize you away from the scene.
I have only watched the 1st season so I guess it's their victory moment and way to soon for me to start bragging about this series. Nevertheless, I would try to give you 5 reasons why you should watch Mad Men.
1. The outfits. Mm, duh, of course it's the number one reason to watch this series. I love the style in the 60's. It's retro, people. Not vintage. Vintage fashion is before the 60's. I adore the puffy dresses and the skiny ties. The meticulously perfect blown hair of the wives and the sleek hair of the husbands. And the handbags! Oh. I want every single handbags that make an appearance in this series.
2. The smokes and the alcoholic drinks. It amazes me how much people smoke back there and how it's so casual. Practically like texting while talking with your friends in this century. The smokes is always around the come-to-bed face of Don Drapper. And you can absolutely sure to find a cigarette sitting patiently in the hands of this series cast, oozing its smokes to hypnotize us away from the scene, and also balanced our confusion from the complicated business conversation nicely.
While for the drinks, they drink like there's no tomorrow (perhaps that is true, but still). Even when they obediently drink their tomato juice (how very oldskul of them!) they poured their much-more-than-they-need vodka into it. It's swell all right.
3. The office affairs. Admit it, we love how the men are so easily lured by the feminine curves of seductive women. And the fact it's an office affair, makes it even more rebellious in a morale-questioning level. Do those husbands even have morale? Those poor loyal wives! Their loyalty is sickening, like a sad beaten dog who would throw itself in front of a car for its ungrateful master.
4. The gorgeous cast. I'm going to be honest here, Jon Hamm is one of the reason I want to watch this series in the first place. And Chirstina Hendricks as Joan Holloway, well, I worship the ground she walks on. Don't forget January Jones as Mrs. Drapper with her broken and doe-eyed little face, she just stole my heart.
5. The plot. No, this doesn't mean the plot is not good. I'm just a strange girl with an even stranger priorities in her life. The plot IS good. And I can genuinely say I love it. Although I don't necessarily understand the characters. Each of them has this twisted behavior that sort of interesting in a weird way. But I supposed that's the charm.
There you have it. I'm halfway through the second season so I supposed I'm not very objective. But I'm hopeful!

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