Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am currently reading New Moon. So now my world divided by my real world and of course, the imaginary world of briliant Stephenie Meyer.
Really, I am fascinated by this specific world. Something about selfless mind of Bella intrigues me.

Woke up at 5.45 then off to campus.
Got tons of assignments for next week from my magical lecturer that obviously stressed me out. I really have no idea or any driven will on how to do this.
Lunch with my friends. And they have a really hard time to decide on where to eat. I managed to have time to feel a twinge of pain on my abdomen and my back. I'm not sure if it's the combination of stress and caffeine and the fact I was famished or I'm just easily get sick or I'm a hypochondriac.
Went with my big sis to find her a dentist. Mission was not accomplished. She just have to get by with those painkillers until our mom take her to dentist tomorrow. Be strong, ca!
Watched The Clique. It's very.. clique-y. Though I can't help to adore all those high-couture blazer and jackets. (totally craving for blazer right now)
Totally lured my big sis to join my newest fad : online shopping. She ended up chose 3 extra cute tops. Heart it huge.
Ending my day with another chapter of new moon.
My favourite quotes so far :
"It was loud and sometimes confusing as everyone talked over everyone else, and the laughter from one joke interrupted the telling of another. I didn't have to speak often, but I smiled a lot, and only because I felt like it.
I didn't want to leave." New Moon, page 150, paragraph 2.

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