Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ended up having a super tiring day.
That's why I just blogged today.

Slept at my aunt's house. Finally met our siblings from OZ.
Got the qtest necklace from them. Went mall to mall.
Had a really yummy dinner at Duck King tho.
My other aunt dropped me n my sis home.

While otw home, my other aunt and my another aunt (there were two aunts in the car) exchange stories on how an independent woman (that is my other aunt, I have tons of aunt) married a poor husband. They kept repeating on how it was such a waste to married a poor husband. When you are already have money, and house, and great kids whom you can depend on, why need a man who would only add extra cost?
I happened to disagree with them. I mean, I don't know if the hurts, the wounds, the pains--yes they had their fair share of life's agony--that made them bitter, but I wouldn't want a life without love.

Allow me to quote James Collins :
"Life without love isn't living and living without loving you haven't yet truthfully been alive!"

Maybe it's that I'm a raw and foolish youth, but even when later, when I'd be an adult with mature thoughts and financial stability and great kids, I'd still want my match, my soulmate, my pair. Whom I can loved and being loved. Cause everyone deserves to be loved. And as cynical as I am, I do believe in true love.

And it's a different thing. A children's love for their parent and love from your Romeo. Your kids wouldn't be able to stand you 24/7 (you'd be as lucky as a girl found a diamond in a fish mouth if they still want to live in the same house with you after they're married) and still not be annoyed by your endless weird requests, but I know my Edward will.

I really hope 20 years from now, when I read this post, I'd have the same feeling as I have now.

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