Thursday, July 29, 2010

Salt Wasn't Salty Enough For Me

Angelina Jolie totally kicked ass!
Unfortunately, she's the only good thing in that movie.

So there's this blond female CIA agent named Evelyn Salt (Jolie) who is a super agent, obviously, and had a bestfriend named Winter (flashes of snows here). Salt (I don't get why the name has to be salt. I get Salt n Pepper cause it's a band and you need a quirky, one-of-a-kind, memorable name. But an agent?) had a husband named Mike who loves spiders way too much, even Spiderman can't compete with him.
On their wedding anniversary, CIA had a Russian traitor walked in to the CIA HQ (headquarter). There, Salt, as the most competent interviewer, questioned this Russian traitor named Oleg something Orlov. During this questioned, Orlov told this amazing story (at first I totally thought he was making this up) about Russian children trained to be American substitute (Americans, be very careful when you visit Russia, you may not come home as the same person, literally) to fulfill their duty in destroying America in every possible terrorist-y way.

Orlov said that there's this incredible unstoppable agent named Chenkov that planned to kill Russian's vice president at America's vice president memorial service. And here's the thing : Orlov said Chenkov real name is Salt. Yes, as in our very own Evelyn Salt (evelyn is such a pretty name, but salt?)
So there's this doubt cast upon our agents, including Winter, Salt's very bestfriend. And of course, even more confusing cloud upon the confounded viewers (including me, yes) cause for some moments she's this innocent blond agent and the next she's black-haired-Ultraviolet-resembelence hit man shooting people with no mercy, including the Russia's president. And there we were disappointed, thinking she's the bad guy (or girl), when suddenly she massacred the whole Russian clan, including Orlov (the brain behind all the substitute children). Hence we were left thinking she truly loved her husband (killed by Orlov) and revenged his death. Then again, it was only an hour! It supposed to be a 2-hour-movie. Was she trying to rule the world alone? Queen Salt (Sounds like a brand of kitchen utilinary)? Unlikely, but not impossible.

Overall, the movie was a standard superagent action movie (cue: Mission Impossible soundtrack) with agent making a flea by jumping trucks and cars falling off bridge in the coolest most unrealistic way possible. Though I have to admit, the fact Hollywood let a female gender to be the protagonist role and kicking male asses is something new and refreshing - move over Tom Cruise and Matt Damon. Somehow, I found the story lack the red thread that connects all the scenes together. I'm not sure if it's the editing or the story line itself that has problem. I know they're trying to make the viewers at the edge of their seat with unpredictable story, but the truth is, I was just plain confused and I totally know there's something wrong with agent Winter (I never believed him as the good guy anymore since Wolverine)

For me, the only salty thing in the movie is Angelina Jolie. She's a living proof that female CAN be a super agent WITHOUT using your sex appeal. I truly ♥ her performance on Lara Croft and Wanted. And in this Salt movie, well, three times a charm! It's all in the no-mercy-eyes-stare and the body language you know, talk less and kill more (Scarlett, are you taking notes? I seriously don't get what her Black Widow role is in Iron Man 2). For a woman who has 4 children, this mama can totally kick your ass.

PS. Who knows hair color can determined your character? Blond Angelina is goody goody husband-worshipper agent. While Black-haired Angelina is completely lethal no-mercy assassin. How interesting!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dream Within Dreams Within Dreams Within Another Dreams, So It's Like.. So Confusing Yet Too Confusing to Say It Wasn't A Cool Movie

You know when you watch a movie with a numerous complicated terms and ideas you never heard (or in fact, dream of) and then you'll be all impressed and feel like you know nothing about life? Yea. That's how Inception would make you feel.
So there's this Cobb guy (DiCaprio who somehow always gives me a sinking ship flashes. Anyone?) who apparently a master in entering people's dream and stealing crucial information from their subconscious. At the beginning of the movie, he was trying to steal only-God-knows-what (as we were left to guess) from Mr. Tadashi Saito dream (or was it Saito Tadashi?) with his super-sleek-haired right hand Arthur on this amazing Japanese castle. But then time was up and they need to wake up.
The mission gone awful as Saito realized he was just dreaming by the different texture of carpet in the apartment (how impossibly smart of him! Cue: blame the dream Architect). They fought, after a couple punches, they woke up. Tada! It was just another dream. Turned out, they all were sit-sleeping on a train.
O yes. Prepare your brain now!

Later on, Saito found Cobb and Arthur and the dream-architect-whose-name-irrelevant-to-remember as they were going to make a flea and offer a proposition. Saito wants to plant an idea on his business rival (who resembles Chuck Bass wannabe in a physical term) and offer Cobb (I kept typing Comb here) the only reward he wants - go home to his 2 cute blond little children. Cobb had some issues with all his stealing ideas from subconscious stuff and Saito can make it all go away with one phone call (He just can, okay?)

Cobb accepted, and with the three magic words "Assembles your team" we are lead to :
1. Eames, one forger who can impersonate someone else in a dream. All with his vexatious know-it-all (he kinda does)-yet-charming glory. (You know how we ♥ bad boys). 'You can't be afraid to dream big, my friend' said wise Eames.
2. Ariedne (what a pretty quirky name like, say, Juno) A new cute too-young-to-be-that-smart dream architect. Since she's new, Cobb explained to her about this whole jumping to people's dream. And this is the first 30 minutes we'll go 'what?' and as we reached hour one we'll go 'oh! I see' but never really grasp it though we sort of get the main idea.
3. Yusuf. Every kick-ass movie needs a geek who has all the right solution or, in this case, sedative potion.
4. Don't forget our rigid-I'm-too-cool-to-smile Arthur which I still don't get what his role is until now.
5. Saito. Another twist! 'We don't need a tourist' said Eames. Well, we need more Eames!

Supposedly, inception (planting an idea) is an impossible task. As a mind always remember the source of the idea. And here we go on Mission Impossible that of course, not so impossible.
In this movie, it states that when we're dreaming, we can have another dream, but the time is all different. In real word, 5 minutes, in level one dream, 1 hour, in level 2, a week, and in level 3, a year. It has all the complicated formula that we are too amazed to check the validity from.

So the team try to plant the idea on the deepest but still safe level. Level 3 (dream within dreams within dreams-this one right here) to make sure the idea will grow healthily.

After series of jumping into dreams (too bad they all look the same you need to keep in your mind which background provides which level) they manage to plant it. Not a smooth sailing of course!
1. Turned out Saito business rival had a dream-theft-defense course which creates problems resulting Saito got shot, resulting the team need to work even faster.
2. There's this creepy woman named Mal who was Cobb wife and insisted to made Cobb's life AND dream a living hell. Seriously, girl, find that light and stay away from cute defenseless Ariedne! She was just trying to help your husband
3. Saito's dead!
4. Cobb actually had to enter to even lower level (dream within dreams within dreams within another dream) to found Saito's business rival who anyway, got shot by Mal (again, girl, you got creepier by each level) which is extremely dangerous cause it's unstable and you might stay in dream world forever, causing a long sleep until you die of starvation.

Then again, they all wake up, and all is well in the real world. Saito alive once again, made the call, and Cobb got to see the faces of his adorable children (we too, finally got to see!). That Chuck Bass wannabe had the idea safe and sound inside his level 3 subconscious. And the rest of the team all smiles and pretend they didn't know each other neither just had the best shared dream of their life.
Some scenes that is a mystery to me until perhaps, the end of the century (or maybe until another remake)
1. Arthur made a human sandwich all wrapped with delicious cables. I get that he was trying to make a 'kick' to wake them up, but then again, why it had to be in an blown up elevator? I assumed it involves some mind-blowing gravity formula that only Arthur understand.
2. Cobb wasn't allowed to see his children faces. What would happen if he did? What's so diabolical about those angelic little faces?
3. How's one enter another dream? Did that linked IV linked their dreams?
4. How's a totem differentiate real world and dream world? It's a freaking dice and a gold chesspiece. I sort of get Mal/Cobb's totem. If it doesn't stop spinning, it's the real world. Cause real world never ends.

Overall, I got a dizzying effect. My poor brain! I have to admit, it has some pretty cool effects. All with folding building and shattering glasses lead to different place not to mention cool zero-gravity fight.

But after a day to soak it all in (like I did) it's not exactly a 2010 must watch movie. It's worth watching for, I do agree, but not a life-changing movie.

Cause.. WHAT message does this movie try to give us? That a dream world is better than real world? (it's the best I can think of after 'if you want to make a difficult maze, make it in circle, silly' and 'kissing your co-worker DOES NOT create distraction') I mean, it lacks the heart and the greater picture stuff.

PS. Does anyone agree Arthur look like a long-lost-brother of Neo from The Matrix? Just a thought.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Half Summer

It's rather silly. But look what I had for breakfast! I've been secretly super curious about Doraemon's favorite delicacy. Yes, it's the very one dorayaki! Oh. I miss watching that silly robot with helpless Nobita while eating my breakfast. One of a pretty childhood memory I have is watching tons of cartoon on Sunday morning before I left for Sunday School.

I can't believe I have spent one and a half month doing absolutely nothing. It amazes me how content I am right now. Doing nothing. Sure, every now and then I have an urge to be industrious but that feeling surpass almost too quickly I start to resent myself for it.

I have about half holiday days left. About 3 more weeks of nothing-to-do bliss! Oh. The grim thought about going back to school. Struggling with keyboards and tons of books. Not a pleasant thought indeed.
I need to snap out of this idle mindset soon.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Not The End, It's Just to be Continued

And that title is the famous quote from my all-time-favorite Hills gal, Lauren Conrad.
I believe she said that when Audrina (before the weird-lip-phase) was packing her stuff to move to her own bachelorette pad.

Yes, after tons of hangover, endless drama, hundreds hook ups, and gallons of tears later, here we are at the very end of The Hills.
Now, I told you before, that since LC left the show at season 5, I refuse to waste any more precious brain cells by watching Kristin endeavor for Brody's attention. Therefore I follow the new gang (Kristin, Stacie-yep, THAT bartender whom Spencer had a flirt with, Lo, Audi, and Steph) with their fabricated semi-reality-life through the website. (the very and only one

And today, I come to learn that yesterday was the last (no, seriously, like : finish, adieu) episode of The Hills.

Lo got engaged with (why again is he onTV?) Scott
Kristin is moving to Europe (Paris or London. No, it must be Paris), supposedly to find herself while we all and Kristin's little bitchy-heart know she leaves the country because she needs to get away from irresistible charm of Brody Jenner (who is strong enough to resist all that abs and broad shoulder?)
Stacie is no longer a bartender and has served her role as Kristen's new confidante extremly well and beyond our expectation as she sometimes throw in a surprisingly wise advice.
Audrina is hopeful for a better future (minus that weird lip, please, Audi) and I suspect with Justin Bobby in the picture.
Steph and her new boyfriend, Josh, are the new not-as-boring-as-Lo-and-Scott cute couple as long as he keeps his dirt-bike close.

Everyone seems to be moving forward which is a good thing.
But I dare say, for Kristin, Steph, and Audi, the end of The Hills is not the end of their full of drama life, it's just to be continued.
While for Stacie, it might very well be a beginning. Imagine the opportunity doors that has opened for her (Sports Illustrated next? commercials? more bartender jobs? her own reality show? only sky is the limit) , thanks to her appearance on The Hills.
I shall miss your delusional perspective of boys, booze, and botox.
Boys and girls, it has been a pleasure.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

My Second Hometown

Guess it's not exactly my hometown. But it's the second place where I spend most of my time in a year. Lippo Karawaci Village is where my university (UPH) is located. It's where I diligently and relentlessly trying to acquire my undergraduate degree as an MBA. 

It's a rather heavy post. 
Do take notes that I tried really hard to reduce the amount of the pictures from roughly 500 to these. 
It was so much fun and so much food. Redemption would not be pretty.

Above are pictures taken around my campus area. Okay, I admitted it. I have a rather cool and very green campus. And I do love my campus. As long as it doesn't involve me thinking about anything business related.

The rest are pictures from around Lippo Karawaci area. 
I guess you can call it illegal pictures. Cause apparently we need formal permits to take pictures around Lippo area. What a bummer. So we were being super sneaky and always looking out for any signs of securities (once a security came told us we can't take pictures unless we have a permit, it was rather embarrassing).

Anyway, it was a fun 4 days! Now I wish holiday would never end. I can feel the rush of studying and boring business formulas hovering above, waiting patiently and eagerly to put me back to a stress mode. Better makes the most of the time left!

P.S. most pictures belong to Averini Carissa

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

David Slade Has To Face An Army of Angry-15yr-Old-Girls

Just watched Eclipse and I have a stomachache now.
It was THAT bad.
The movie was too dense for me. I feel like I was watching small movies that is forced to put together in order to create the "supposedly" big movie. Seriously.

I hate the fact that it was only a 2hour movie. If they had add 15-20 more minutes to the movie, I think it would have been much acceptable (but still nowhere near good).
My problem is not the story cause the story is great ( all hail Stephenie Meyer) as we all who read the book know. The problem relies in the script writer and the director. There are vital scenes that were just brushed off under the rug.

First, the bed! The bed was supposed to be the best scene in the movie. Yet, it was lifeless. It was way too fast. And for the note, Bella was supposedly throw a fit because of the bed.

Second, Bella didn't took off with Jacob after Jake check on her to see if she's still human. She was supposed to sort of do this break-the-prison when Jacob visited her at school (when Edward was gone huting) with his bike and Bella impulsively (therefore Alice can't see it coming) jump to his bike and then ride to the setting sun (okay, that wasn't exactly what happened). And that's why Edward came back with eyes still black (he's hungry when he has black eyes) and said "I almost broke the treaty to check up on you".

Third, the visualization of Rosalie and Jasper past were way too short. I guess that's forgivable considering I was actually bored reading that part. But still, those two were pretty crucial to understand the Cullens better. I bet anyone who didn't read the book didn't even noticed about Rosalie and Jasper's tale.

Fourth, the tribe history tale was not as magnificent as it supposed to be. And they totally cut the Taha Aki and that tribe traitor-whose-name-I-can't-remember story. Guess I'll let that one slip cause it's not exactly affecting the third-wife-tale.

Fifth, Bella was not supposed to bleed during Ed vs Victoria fight! She supposed to just clutch that pointy rock and be scared as hell. Then Ed should have slowly approach her ( after he dismantled that Victoria creature) and assured her everything's okay.

Sixth, Bella was supposed to be fainted after he HEARD (NOT SAW) Jacob got hurt. I think that's an extremely vital part. It shows how much she cares about Jacob, right? (She fainted out of worry)

Seventh, Bella and Jake final meeting at Eclipse? Seriously?? It was suppose to be the revealing moment. How much Bella ♥ and care about that over-muscular werewolf. It was supposed to be epic. Where Bella shed tears on how much it hurts to choose Edward. How much it pained her to see the what-might-have-been (Bella sees flashes of black-haired-little-kids running and playing in a backyard) but not be able to have that. How it hurts her to see Jacob hurting. Oh, man. I cried when I read that chapter. And the movie translates it as a five minutes scene. I was broken-hearted.

Oh and that famous most important line?
"The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight with an ECLIPSE" by Jacob Black. (Bella was describing how she used to think Jacob as her personal sun who balanced her 'clouds' nicely)


I still have many complaints. But I'm too tired to be more disappointed.
Needless to say, David Slade got a bunch of angry-15yr-old-girls he needs to face. And we know how dangerous an army of angry-15yr-old-girls can be.
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