Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I haven't blog for quite some time.
Almost a week.
Well, besides my declining passion for blogging, I have some perfectly acceptable reasons. First, I was sick. Second, I had final exam waiting for me. Third.. I'm working on it.
In the mean time, I will redeem mysel today by posting 2 blog for today. This would be the 1st one. The 2nd one will be posted later tonight.

Final exam are waaay behind me (well, that was over 24 hours ago so it's like so last day) and I am back to my unemployement self. Doing absolutely nothing productive.
As for the 1st day of my 1-month-freedom, I feel utterly content at peace with one full day of nothing to do.
Now I have time for completely illogical and unimportant activities. Such as coloring my nails, rearrange my closet, mix and match clothes, browsing without clear objective, watching hollywood gossip all day, editing photos, stuffing candies to my mouth all day, etc. etc.
I just heart holiday huuuge.

As you all know, I held a garage sale a few weeks ago. And I did have a strange urge to make money. Still do actually, tho not as firey as the 1st strike. Now, I am just this money-keeper.
Do you ever have times when you just don't want to spend money? Even a dime?
I've been in that period for quite some time. Ever since my garage sale finished.
I'm telling you, it is very unusual of me.
I have never been the one who hold themselves when they want something. Well, my biggest splurge is in not-a-life-or-death-matter, that is, fashion need.

I am just addicted to shopping. Not a heavy shoppaholic tho. Definitely not. I have a strong self-control when my heart is in it.
Proof : I haven't spend any money that is not related to food, drinks, or campus-stuff since my garage sale, that would be almost 3 weeks, I think. I know, I'm also proud of myself.

Well, the fact that my lust on lomo camera did add more strength to my self-restraint.
Any1 can help me to choose the right camera?
I am torn between holga or diana or okto. I have no idea whatsoever about this 3 type. I just found that holga and diana are the most popular. And as for okto, I'm in love with it because it can capture moving object. My heart goes out to okto. But I am open for options.

Above is Diana. I am in love because of the dreamy image results.

This is Holga. I think the result between Diana and Holga are similar. But don't you just fall in love with the bubble gum colour? Heart it!!

This is oktomat. Cute right? You can take pictures of moving objects. I already have so much ideas for objects to shoot in mind!!

And this one is fisheye. This is also very unique. Not a big fan tho.

I am in need for some therapy.
Ever since high school, I couldn't be more people person.
Don't get me wrong, I like people. I love my friends. But I just can't be with people for 24/7 straight. I might gone stark raving mad.
I found my self in a severe exhaustion after one day out with my friends or my family.
I guess that's why I'm in a bit on the introvert side. I mean, I am all about fun and bonding, but I am just not capable of interacting with another human for too long. It takes all energy I have to be all charming and cheerful and talk. Gosh, the talk.

Don't you find yourself babbling incoherently everytime there is silence? I do. At least with people that I am not comfortable with.
Happened to me yesterday. There is this new girl who about to enroll to my uni. And I sort of accompanied her to get all the administration done. I know how frustrating it can be.
She is very sweet, very friendly, and I sincerely like her. And I kept trying to fill in the silence. Boy was I tired? Yes. Not because we took a tour around UPH, several times, but because I need to keep compose my self.
Then.. Her mother offered me to spend some nights at their home. I could see the horror in my eyes through rearview mirror. I managed to keep smiling tho. I have mentioned it before right? I loathe sleepover. Anything that involve me not sleeping in my own bed is just a horrific prospect for me.
I need some spontaneous vibe. See, people who are sponatenous are much more fun to be with. Unlike me.

It reminded me of Dakota Fanning's character, Sally, in Dr Seuss' The Cat in The Hat. Allow me to quoter her :
"Today's to do list. Number one, make to do list. Number two, practice coloring. Number three, research graduate school. Number four, be spontaneous. Number five, create lasting childhood memories. Number six, amend will.
What is he doing?"
She was referring to her brother act for his indoor stage luge .
Heart this movie big time.

Until tonight blog. I might have a decision on which lomo to choose.

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