Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've been swamped with garage sale prep I have no desire left to blog.
Today was the 1st day of the event.
I was excited when I first had the idea.
Now, not anymore.
I woke up this morning with a big gulp on my stomach. Like I've been punched. Thus when I know today would be eventful. And not in a good way.

My so terrible hunch turned out to be wrong. Well, not entirely wrong. But I can surely tell you I had better days.
The garage selling was terribly slow it literally hurts. I'm still having the headache side effect of browsing all day while waiting for customers.
At least my worst case scenario did not turned out to be true. I was prepared for no sale today. But we did sell some stuff. I was more than relieved tho I can't say I'm satisfied.

There's still 2 days left. I'm still hopeful. The excitement had entirely gone. But I'd endure. I have to finish it. And making money just a reward for my perseverance.

I had 2 breakdown today. 1st I was quivering as usual, on schedule, around 10 to 11. It was mild cause I wasn't doing any hard activities. I was doing inventory check and the paper I held was shaking.
Strangely, I wellcomed the shivering. In fact, I was hoping for it. So I wasn't too surprised when it hit me.
Second breakdown was during the garage sale opening. It was about an hour pass 1. I supposed you can call it a garage sale breakdown. But it's all gone after I lied on bed about half an hour.
During the day my sariawan was nagging me crazy. It hurts evrytime I drink. The thing is, I drink a lot. So it was an enormous torment. But I sort of like it.
I was irritated outside because of the bored and the heat, all that pain actually makes me comfortable. It was as if the outsider can't be worse than what pain I was enduring.
Have I turned masochistic?
That would be a first. I have been always dodging my way out through the pain with medical help. Lately, not so much anymore.

Tomorrow will be another boring day. At least I will have some company. My friend will join me for tomorrow garage selling. We'll see how it goes.

I actually have read up until the 20th chapter of New Moon. However, I'm too agitated with garage sale too quote anything. Maybe in friday. Another quote of the briliant mind of Stephenie Meyer.

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