Sunday, July 19, 2009


I seriosly thought today was Saturday.
I'm in my hometown now, so Sundays usually starts with me getting up b4 the sun rise for morning sunday service. Instead I woke up around 8 this morning. So it doesn't feel like Sunday at all.

Since last blog was a little bit gloomy, today blog would be completely superficial and incoherent.

Let's start.
What the 5 first things you do in the morning once you open your eyes?
Me myself :
1. Trying reaaaally hard to remember what day is it
2. Thanking God for another morning I'm allowed to enjoy while burrying my nose on my guling kecil
3. Snatch my blackberry to see the time
4. Read hollywood tweets that were updated while I was asleep
5. Check my facebook notification

Of course, those 5 things only for holiday period. Those 5 are not valid when the semester starts, it only goes as far as number 3.

Now, on even more superficial level, what you can't live without? Only 1 thing. And it has to be entirely shallow people will be dazed when they hear your answer.
Answers such as water or food, technology, music, love, boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, ur BFF, etc. is not in the category.

Mine would be my guling kecil. I don't know what it's called but I called her guling kecil.
My sleep feels incomplete without her. Like your sleeping on the wrong side of your bed. Phantom feelings, I know.
It's like taking a little piece of home with you.
Okay,that was too deep. It would violate today's blog goal.

You see, my guling kecil have a specific scent.
I like the smell of mixed saliva, a lil blood, n mucus that is on my guling kecil. It is completely gross in prospect but for me it's the smell of paradise.
Evry night before I go to sleep, I would inhale the scent deeply until I'm out of breath.

So there you go. My incoherent blog.
I am so gonna laugh when I read this again. And even probably resent myself a little for being so shallow.
But I am just too at peace today to be all broody and critical.
Oh happy day.
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  1. Hi Stevia,I'm Natalie.I like your guling kecil.