Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm sick of being sick.
My nose has been driving crazy since last week.
And my throat has ben nagging me since monday. It even had a chance to give me a fever.
My throat cause me quite pain. As for my nose, I'm used to it. Considering I always have a leaking nose evry morning.

However, I am so grateful that my headache appearantly toned down by the flu n the throatsore.
I mean, it only gave me between mild to low level of headache.
I don't think I'll be able to sit here and endure the LAST (you have no idea how happy I am) magic class.
I was just done presenting 90 slides of our presentation on IBM for the magic final project.

Yes, that IBM has evrything to do with my lack of blog posting desire. I was always too tired after google-ing and yahoo-ing and some editing of the magic final project.

But we are done!! And I am obnoxiously happy right now. Like Disney musical happy.
I know I still have final exams waiting for me.
But as for right now, I'm just extremely content of the fact that there will be no more presentation, no more late workgroup, and the luxury of browsing with no clear objective.

For today, all I'm going to do is focus on recovering my health charts.
It has ben declining; down and down.
Final exams prep just have to wait until Saturday.

Btw, I will be back to my hometown this weekend.
About to deliver my garage sale stuff that was sold to my high school friends @ UNPAR.
Major fun.
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