Saturday, July 4, 2009


I swear if I could take off my head, I would.
It has been tormenting me since last night.

When I woke up today around 7.20, I seriously thought I had little evil minions mining braincells inside my head. It didn't feel like I was asleep. More like losing my consciousness. I didn't feel refreshed or rested. But it's impossible to be fainted for 8 hours.
I didn't take any painkiller or other medicine (strangely) and just waited to see if it gets better.
It did get better until after I got back from mall.
When I finally got back home, my head was nagging me and my nose couldn't seem to stop sneezing. Geez. I had to lay in bed for a couple minutes.

Can't write anymore.
Too suffered right now.
I did had some highlights.
Ice Age 3 was hilarious.
And I had a good laugh.
Oh. And of course, I got to see AndersonCooper. He's just soooo cool.
Heart him.
In his tribute..

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