Sunday, August 30, 2009


So.. When I was in senior high school, I also took another course with Ibu Yuanita.
She taught me almost evrything. From Bahasa Indonesia to Chemistry. I'm telling you, she is one smart woman.
She was in her mid 40s I guess. And she has a daughter. Again, can't remember her name. But I remember she was taking archery lessons. I admire her liking to this unique branch of sport. Girl power!
Ibu Yuanita was always kind to me. Since at that time I was included in the diligent department. I like to be given all those chemistry reactions and those math equations. Not sure why, I just did. So she grew fond of me. And sometimes she would give this intermezzo, she would said, stories about almost anything besides school subjects, life lessons I guess.
She can be very strict tho.
I remember this boy named Sony. He was in his junior year and he was really naughty. Ibu Yuanita would gave him 5 numbers to do and 2 hours later he still at number 2. LOL
But he was entertaining.
I ended my lessons w Ibu Yuanita to take UAN prep course at Daniel.
None of the teacher impressed me. Considering I don't remember any of the teachers name. But taking courses at Daniel was fun. I met students from another school and got to 'mingle and melted'.
Ibu Yuanita, thank you, for all ur shared knowledge and all ur intermezzo.

Last formal course I took was for a French class.
It was last year. I studied French for about 2 months w another 10 people.
I have two teachers. Miss Jenifer and Ka Elga.
Miss Jenifer is a native so I rarely understand what she was saying. Still, with that burning red hair and those 'toujours toujours', we all fell in ♥ with her.
Ka Elga is Indonesian so his classes were much more make sense to me. He had this really cute flaw. He gets easily blushed. You can see his cheeks got red evrytime we tease him w a classmate. O how bad were we.
Miss Jenifer and Ka Elga, thank you for your patience teaching us how to pronounce rightly all those bonjour and je suis. Merci beaucoup. (Is that correct? I forgot evrything)

Wow. It feels really good to remember all those experiences I had and how much I learned. Thank you! Merci merci!
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