Friday, August 7, 2009


I seriously totally forgot that I have a blog.
My apologiez for lack of posts.
I can't help it.
Blogging has lost its charm.

Still, I find some weird fascination of stating what I could never state in real life.

What's been shaking my world?

There are two things that are quite significant.

First, I've been dead scared about going to hell.
I read this amazing book about heaven and hell.
The hell part is formidable. As I ended in tears imagining the pain.
The heaven part took even more tears. You should read it yourself to understand my tears of joy.

Now, after reading that, I realized how wrong have I led my life.
There are things that I have to change.
I don't know how. God will show me the way. And I WILL change. That is a scout's honour.

Second, our online store is coming together.
We're still raw, but we're getting there.
By we I mean, of course, me and my diamonds.
It didn't feel like working.
I enjoyed the whole process.

That's all for now.
Be sure to check out our collection
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Until we blog again.. xoxo
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