Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is utterly completely tacky but somehow I don't care. LOL
I'm not a big fan of my own birthday. The all unnecessary attention and all the unrequired surprises. Seriously, pleaseee, no surprises.
I don't mind the presents tho. Oh do give me presents.

Now, for a little inspiration :

Number 1 to 3 is between me and God, so you can handle the rest.

4. A chihuahua dog.
You may think they look like rats, but I fell in love with them eversince that movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

5. This one is easy. I'm curious about Stephenie Meyer new novel, The Host. Preferably the english version.

6. If you ever been to my town house, you probably realized the mess my sis' n my shoes made. It's like little Mangdu behind our sofa. So a shoe rack would be a perfect gift for us. Preferably wooden and preferably spacious.

7. A watch. Seriously, my watches are broken. I have 6 watches and only 2 that are working properly. Keep it simple and classic tho. No rubber watch or those jelly watches please.
8. ALL The Corrs album. I just love them. They are epic.

9. Another novel : The Secret Life of Bees by Sophie Monk

10. Tanning spray or even a voucher for a tan spray. I am not joking here. I need a little colour on my skin.

11. Vintage onepiece smiwsuit

12. Lomo camera : holga multicolour.

13. BIBLE!!! I know! I can't find my bible anywhere. I seriously need one.

14. Black leather jacket.

15. A boyfriend perhaps? What do you think? I prefer some meat on my boy. So no skinny boys. A God-fear person is definitely a must. For others, refer to Is It You by Cassie lyric.

I actually think my birthday list is so humble. LOL. I mean, they all possible and not over the top. Be grateful that I'm not greedy.

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