Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm not sure why I suddenly want to blog this. It's kind of a nostalgic thing.
I'm on my way back to karawaci and out of the blue I thought of Ko Reza. My ex physics n math guru les when I was in junior high school.

I remember him as a friendly guy. He has this chubby face and I always thought he was cute.
I remember he rarely eat anything that my mom served for him. In my mind, I thought he was on a diet. LOL
I also remember his bike. And his perseverance to go through the rainy storm to teach me and examine my homeworks.
Ko Reza, wherever u are, I thank you for not only teaching me, but also to be patient with me. (I'm that kind of a moody student back then). You kind of developed my ♥ for logical mathematical equation. Thank you.

Other than him, back in junior high school, I also took a very brief course of guitar.
I can't remember his name tho. But I always pictured him as an uncle who gave me guitar lessons.
He was kind and very religious so he taught me chords for christian's songs.
I have always enjoyed every sunday afternoon I spent with him and my 1 other friend.
He was the first man who showed me how to not cry when your fingers are bleeding because of trying to get that perfect chord, but to actually ♥ it coz it means you did your best.
So, thank you for giving me my first ♥ ever of bleeding fingers n also a reason for my dad to bought me guitar.

In senior high school, I found myself back to guitar course at Yamaha music school.
It lasted longer than before. About a year.
My guitar teacher was Ko Zackhy or Zaki or something like that.
He was tall and thin and I can't help to compare him to the tin man from alice in wonderland.
He was strict in some ways, but never too strict to make me want to quit.
I remember our half-an-hour-once-a-week course was always too short. Evrytime I start to get a grip of a new song, the time's up. But I loooove evry single song he gave me.
I chose classic guitar so all the songs were very melodically beautiful.
But I guess I'm just not that devoted to music. I ended up ending the course after a year due to my hectic school schedule.
So Ko Zaky, thank you for giving me a beautiful melodic period of my life.

Suddenly feel sleepy. I'll continue later tonight..
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