Sunday, August 23, 2009


I feel really alone right now.
Literally n metaphorically speaking.
I'm at home by myself accompanied by tv n my guling kecil n my constant headache.
And I just feel like I have nobody I can run to.

I mean, sure I have my parents for financial support and shelter.
But I don't have my emotional trash can.
All I want is someone who would stay on my side and massage my temples and actually happy doing it. While I'm crying and yelling at that person about how wrong my day goes.
Well, my guling kecil has been a briliant listener but I would be happy to have some soothing assuring comments.

I need a dog.
I'm considering a cihuahua. Only for practical reasons. They small and doesn't need extra grooming.
That is definitely going to my bday wish list
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