Saturday, July 3, 2010

David Slade Has To Face An Army of Angry-15yr-Old-Girls

Just watched Eclipse and I have a stomachache now.
It was THAT bad.
The movie was too dense for me. I feel like I was watching small movies that is forced to put together in order to create the "supposedly" big movie. Seriously.

I hate the fact that it was only a 2hour movie. If they had add 15-20 more minutes to the movie, I think it would have been much acceptable (but still nowhere near good).
My problem is not the story cause the story is great ( all hail Stephenie Meyer) as we all who read the book know. The problem relies in the script writer and the director. There are vital scenes that were just brushed off under the rug.

First, the bed! The bed was supposed to be the best scene in the movie. Yet, it was lifeless. It was way too fast. And for the note, Bella was supposedly throw a fit because of the bed.

Second, Bella didn't took off with Jacob after Jake check on her to see if she's still human. She was supposed to sort of do this break-the-prison when Jacob visited her at school (when Edward was gone huting) with his bike and Bella impulsively (therefore Alice can't see it coming) jump to his bike and then ride to the setting sun (okay, that wasn't exactly what happened). And that's why Edward came back with eyes still black (he's hungry when he has black eyes) and said "I almost broke the treaty to check up on you".

Third, the visualization of Rosalie and Jasper past were way too short. I guess that's forgivable considering I was actually bored reading that part. But still, those two were pretty crucial to understand the Cullens better. I bet anyone who didn't read the book didn't even noticed about Rosalie and Jasper's tale.

Fourth, the tribe history tale was not as magnificent as it supposed to be. And they totally cut the Taha Aki and that tribe traitor-whose-name-I-can't-remember story. Guess I'll let that one slip cause it's not exactly affecting the third-wife-tale.

Fifth, Bella was not supposed to bleed during Ed vs Victoria fight! She supposed to just clutch that pointy rock and be scared as hell. Then Ed should have slowly approach her ( after he dismantled that Victoria creature) and assured her everything's okay.

Sixth, Bella was supposed to be fainted after he HEARD (NOT SAW) Jacob got hurt. I think that's an extremely vital part. It shows how much she cares about Jacob, right? (She fainted out of worry)

Seventh, Bella and Jake final meeting at Eclipse? Seriously?? It was suppose to be the revealing moment. How much Bella ♥ and care about that over-muscular werewolf. It was supposed to be epic. Where Bella shed tears on how much it hurts to choose Edward. How much it pained her to see the what-might-have-been (Bella sees flashes of black-haired-little-kids running and playing in a backyard) but not be able to have that. How it hurts her to see Jacob hurting. Oh, man. I cried when I read that chapter. And the movie translates it as a five minutes scene. I was broken-hearted.

Oh and that famous most important line?
"The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight with an ECLIPSE" by Jacob Black. (Bella was describing how she used to think Jacob as her personal sun who balanced her 'clouds' nicely)


I still have many complaints. But I'm too tired to be more disappointed.
Needless to say, David Slade got a bunch of angry-15yr-old-girls he needs to face. And we know how dangerous an army of angry-15yr-old-girls can be.
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  1. Great post. I also saw the movie, and wrote a bit about it on my blog too. I didn't want to complain too much, because I didn't even expect anything from of it, I knew it wouldn't be even near as good as the book is, and I knew they'd change some scenes. But I agree with those things you wrote.. So true.
    But one thing that I'd definitely want to see in the movie is Bella & Jake final meeting like you said! They didn't show it in the movie enough how much she cares about him. :/ x