Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Not The End, It's Just to be Continued

And that title is the famous quote from my all-time-favorite Hills gal, Lauren Conrad.
I believe she said that when Audrina (before the weird-lip-phase) was packing her stuff to move to her own bachelorette pad.

Yes, after tons of hangover, endless drama, hundreds hook ups, and gallons of tears later, here we are at the very end of The Hills.
Now, I told you before, that since LC left the show at season 5, I refuse to waste any more precious brain cells by watching Kristin endeavor for Brody's attention. Therefore I follow the new gang (Kristin, Stacie-yep, THAT bartender whom Spencer had a flirt with, Lo, Audi, and Steph) with their fabricated semi-reality-life through the website. (the very and only one

And today, I come to learn that yesterday was the last (no, seriously, like : finish, adieu) episode of The Hills.

Lo got engaged with (why again is he onTV?) Scott
Kristin is moving to Europe (Paris or London. No, it must be Paris), supposedly to find herself while we all and Kristin's little bitchy-heart know she leaves the country because she needs to get away from irresistible charm of Brody Jenner (who is strong enough to resist all that abs and broad shoulder?)
Stacie is no longer a bartender and has served her role as Kristen's new confidante extremly well and beyond our expectation as she sometimes throw in a surprisingly wise advice.
Audrina is hopeful for a better future (minus that weird lip, please, Audi) and I suspect with Justin Bobby in the picture.
Steph and her new boyfriend, Josh, are the new not-as-boring-as-Lo-and-Scott cute couple as long as he keeps his dirt-bike close.

Everyone seems to be moving forward which is a good thing.
But I dare say, for Kristin, Steph, and Audi, the end of The Hills is not the end of their full of drama life, it's just to be continued.
While for Stacie, it might very well be a beginning. Imagine the opportunity doors that has opened for her (Sports Illustrated next? commercials? more bartender jobs? her own reality show? only sky is the limit) , thanks to her appearance on The Hills.
I shall miss your delusional perspective of boys, booze, and botox.
Boys and girls, it has been a pleasure.

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