Friday, July 9, 2010

My Second Hometown

Guess it's not exactly my hometown. But it's the second place where I spend most of my time in a year. Lippo Karawaci Village is where my university (UPH) is located. It's where I diligently and relentlessly trying to acquire my undergraduate degree as an MBA. 

It's a rather heavy post. 
Do take notes that I tried really hard to reduce the amount of the pictures from roughly 500 to these. 
It was so much fun and so much food. Redemption would not be pretty.

Above are pictures taken around my campus area. Okay, I admitted it. I have a rather cool and very green campus. And I do love my campus. As long as it doesn't involve me thinking about anything business related.

The rest are pictures from around Lippo Karawaci area. 
I guess you can call it illegal pictures. Cause apparently we need formal permits to take pictures around Lippo area. What a bummer. So we were being super sneaky and always looking out for any signs of securities (once a security came told us we can't take pictures unless we have a permit, it was rather embarrassing).

Anyway, it was a fun 4 days! Now I wish holiday would never end. I can feel the rush of studying and boring business formulas hovering above, waiting patiently and eagerly to put me back to a stress mode. Better makes the most of the time left!

P.S. most pictures belong to Averini Carissa

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