Monday, March 15, 2010


Yep. I am not capable of laughing right now. I have a heavy throat problem. Not to mention my sariawan. I have three sariawan. I named them Fahran, Rancho, and Raju. 3 idiots. They are seriously nagging me crazy. It hurts so much I want to stab my self and just end all this suffering.
Now, every time I try to laugh, all you will get is a heavy coughing from me. I can't really talk either. I am not capable of saying one complete sentence without a cough or losing my voice in the middle of the sentence.

So mid exams are behind me. It's been 2 weeks since I did my last exam. I just got two result out of six. The two are okay, I guess. I'm still in B. I can do B. I don't do C tho. Hopefully the rest will also between B and A.

Last weekend, on Friday, I had a blind date. My friend set me up. It went okay. He was really nice and was really quiet. And I thought I was quiet! He was THAT silent I actually became chatty. Needless to say, I don't think there's any 'we' in the future.

The next day, I went to Singapore for the weekend with my mom and my sis. We left with 3 bags and went home with 6 bags. It was fun tho arguments with my mom was inevitable. She just has a way to push my buttons sometimes. But I ♥ my mom, she's always the one I can rely to. My dad is the best problem solver but he doesn't handle small stuff. He let my mom in charge for that.

As you all notice, (well, probably not, I mean, why would you care, right?) but I have gained a lot of weight since 3 years ago when I first came to UPH. It bothers me sometimes but I guess as long as I'm healthy, you know.
So I think these five tips are all girls can relate to
Five ways to look slimmer :
1. Wear black
Yes. Black IS slimming. Not to mention, give you that mysterious vibe. And it doesn't require much thought, you can't go wrong with black. And even thought black always looks depressing, but it's the perfect way to hide all those fat. And I can afford to look like a slimmer-but-a more-depressed-me

2. Invest in outerwear (cardigan or vest or blazer)
Outerwear is perfect to cover up undesired flab. And always invest in a dark color cardigan. Bright color only attract more attention and make you look chubbier. Also, another tip, buy men's cardigan. But make sure it's not too loose or you just look fatter and sloppy. Blazer makes a look sharper and neat. Opt for a long boy-cut blazer. Long blazer camouflage big hip and butt.

3. Wear monochrome
If black is not really your thing, use the same color from head to toe. Keep it in the same shade. You don't have to go all blue or all purple. And dear God forbid, all orange. Make sure the color is not tacky and not EXACTLY the same or you'll ended up like a clown.
4. Sky high heels
Heels are every girl's best friend. The higher the heels, the better. Heels make your butt looks good and you will unconsciously stand straighter and tuck your tummy in so will have an illusion of flat abs. Wear heels as long as you can. Be careful not to fall.

5. Wear light material!
Light material makes you look lighter. Always always choose something light and avoid all those wool. I'm so grateful I live in tropical country. I can't pull off all layering and fuzzy jackets.
And the best tip I can give, THINK SLIM!

Until next blog!

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