Saturday, April 17, 2010


So sorry for the lack of post! I'm not sure why I haven't blog for so long. I was a little bit busy.
You know, between tons of summary, presentation after presentation, quiz and more quizzes, playing Happy Island, taking care of my fish at Happy Aquarium, puppy-sitting Divo, hanging out with my diamonds, restock-ing my online store. Boy, I WAS busy! LO

Oh, Divo. You will fall in ♥ with him at the very first sight. He's such a badass but also so thirsty of caressing! He refuses to sleep in any other place besides my lap or with me in my bed. He has a super sharp teeth for a 2 months old chihuahua. He does his business everywhere. Except for number 2, he mostly do that in his cage. I miss him. As for this very moment, he's not mine. Yet. He's my friend's puppy. And he assigned me and my sis to puppy-sit Divo for about a month.

Enough about him. I want to tell you a little about my plan for the future.
I haven't been always this passionate about fashion. Only when I graduated from my high school I started to like clothes. And back then, I wasn't aware that you can make a career out of fashion. It was something absurd to think that looking good and fashionable create money.
So I'm thinking about attending fashion school. LaSalle, to be exact. Is that a good environment to study my passion? I'm not so sure. I have asked my dad's blessing. And he seems to be persuaded tho he didn't promise me anything. So if anyone have any inputs, I would really appreciate it.

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