Friday, January 15, 2010


Evening, darlings. The first week of even semester just passed by. TGIF!
This semester schedule is brutal. 4credits in 1 day. I don't have a clue on how my days are going to be next week. Not very prospectus for sure!

Did a barbecue thing with a few friends yesterday. It was fun tho I was famished enough to had a maag attack. One of my diamond from out of town came to visit. She's definitely my weak point. I just love her. I found that I would go on more measure than I normally did to my other diamonds. However, I love them all equally!

As for this title, who wouldn't agree?
So one of my diamond saw my latest (if you call a year behind latest, I know, my love life sucks) fling out and about with his male (thankfully!) friend.
He's definitely on a bad boy side. He's very flirty and you can see that bad boy twinkle in his eyes which you just couldn't resist. Perhaps that's why I was head over heel with him.
And when she BBM me that she saw him, my heart literally fell. I thought he would be on a date with his girlfriend. Good thing he was with a male friend.
That's when I realized I haven't completely forget him. Which is bad considering he has a girlfriend and all. But I found that I couldn't help myself to see how he's doing. So I ended up checking out his FB page and BBM him. I was so afraid I might fall to that diabolical circle all over again I ended the conversation abruptly. Geez. The pull those boys have!
I guess there's something about bad boys that you always go back too. It's their adventurous and outgoing personality that is just so hard to forget.
O well, I guess it's for the best. I know God have a very special plan for me.

As for the fashion note, I am loving scarf on my bag. Especially my plain bag. I mean.. take a look at this boring bag
Add a little animal-print scarf
And voila. Much better don't you think? Besides, scarves are good investments. It has multiple function and you'll never be too old to wear a scarf. I think scarves are staying! I mean, I only start to embraced scarves in 2008, but I'm loving it until now. Plain scarves are a better investment. However, I much prefer animal-print scarf, cause my outfit are mostly plain. It gives you warmth, light to carry around, gives an instant spice on your boring outfit, and make you look stylish instantly.
I know it's so 2008, but up until now, I still see scarves everywhere. So I think there's no harm to buy some more ;)

To be clear, a guilty pleasure TV shows are TV shows that have no clear message in it and are generally 'not smart' and you don't have to think to enjoy it. I watch these five every time I need a quick refreshment from my boring university life. One or two episodes later, I'm all smile again.
My five guilty pleasure TV shows :
1. The Hills
I know it's so shallow, phony, and even fabricated in some ways, but I watch it religiously! Lauren Conrad, I love her since the 1st time I saw her on Laguna Beach. She's such a sweetheart. Now that she left, I only do marathon on the past 5 season. I wonder how she is doing right now. I only hope good things for her! And the girls are all so stylish. Now for a fashionlover like moi, it's like a guidebook for hanging out with my girls.
2. The City
Whitney is my second favourite girl in The Hills. She's so nice and naive. Can you believe her? If I were her when Olivia (that skinny-bitch!) took all the credit when she told every1 she pulled the look for Jessica Alba's Elle cover, I would probably, at that very moment, gone furious. But I guess Whit was just trying to be a mature. The fashion in The City is definitely different from The Hills. It's more formal but not less stylish! If I were a businesswoman, this TV show would probably be my fashion bible.
3. Gossip Girls
Do I need to explain? Clearly not. I just love it. It's so gossipy.
4. The O.C.
It's so 2005, but I always love Seth sarcastic comments. Ryan clearly my ultimate good bad-boy icon. And Rachel Bilson as Summer is always looking cute. And when Mischa was still.. well.. Marissa.
5. The Wizards of The Waverly Place
Alex style in this series is always unpredictable. She can make stripes goes with polkadot plus leopard print looks cute. When it actually applied on us, we might be arrested by a fashion police. Guess that's the benefit of having a skinny limbs. Go Selena!

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