Thursday, January 7, 2010


Happy New Year, darlings! How was your NYE? Mine was purrfect. I went to bed at 10 then at 12 p.m. my dad, mom, and sisters prayed. Then back to bed. LOL. You probably think it's so boring but I happen to think any occassion is best spent with your loved ones. And I ♥ my family to death.

So a week has passed by in this 20-10. It was filled with shopping, lunches, movies, dinners, and more shopping. I have no vision whatsoever about how this year is going to be.
I mean, I planned to finish my university life this year. Wish me luck. I need all the luck I can get. Then it's a blank. Seriously, I need to plan more. A strategy even!

As to this blog title, I'm determined to slip in a little about fashion and style from now on. Nothing grand or couture or unafforded brand (for me at the very least). Just a day-to-day affordable fashion. A street style, is that the correct term?

Also 5 something that I currently ♥ on the top of it.
So here we go

I'm loving braided hair right now. Just a little braid from ur bangs on the side of ur head. It's so cute. It's fresh. It's young. And it's so easy to do! (yes I am inspired by The Hills cast)
For an even easier look, instead of braiding ur hair, u could just twist it. It's still gives a fresh-feeling yet nicely put. Give it a try! I sure did and I can't stop styling my hair like that ;)

Lauren Conrad's braided style

Whitney Port's twist style

On my playlist :
1. Happy by Leona Lewis
Did u guys see the video? We were given the impression leona is getting ready for her wedding. And all those looking-into-each-other-eyes scenes. Then we found out that the bride is NOT leona. I was like 'whaaat???'. But it gives a good mssg. U can still be happy even when the ♥ of ur life is marrying someone else (yeah right)
2. Fireflies by Owl City
I want to live in his basement. It's like a toy-store gone-wild. It has all the toys u can think of. Not to mention a seriously easy listening melody.
3. Down by Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne
The video clip was like RnB 101. U have a good-looking guy walk in to the club, sexy and sintal ladies, booze, blings, and boys dancing (in a cool way). I like the song simply cause it's catchy.
4. Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson
This song breaks my ♡!
5. Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
Now who doesn't want to party with Miley Cyrus??

Until we blog again. Let's hv a stylish year, everybody :)

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