Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So last post was extremely dark and self-loathing, which, I do sometimes, but not too often I need to see a shrink. In my humble opinion, it's completely normal. Once in a while, an individual might feel on the low point of their life. Mine is probably a little exaggerating as always. LOL. It keeps the balance of your life. If all you know is being on top of the world, how can you be grateful when you never know any other condition than this good life you're having? As I said, without suffering, there will be no compassion.
And here I am, a month after, sitting in my law n ethic class, feeling much more better. I still understand why I was feeling the way I felt. It was completely logic. I had enough reason to feel what I felt. And I have no regrets nor feeling stupid for being such a drama queen.
This past month of my lack post, I hv been busy with uni life. Yet, I also been busy lifting my mood. Which, I must say, hv been increasing in a very good pace.
I got my multicolour holga, which I'm completely crazy with. I'm not that good of a lomogoers tho. The result pics are blurry. But I'm not giving up. The only problem is that I can't seem to acquire the film that I need. It almost seems I need to go back to the past and buy it! It is so hard to find people who sell 120mm film. (I still can't find it)
Miditerm exam is waaayyy behind. I feel completely spent for this semster. I'm not suggesting anyone who wants to enjoy their uni period of life to take 24credits. The mid results were okay. I feel I did fine. I'm really concern with final exam tho. Oh so God help me.
I still have 2 big presentation which I'm seriously scared about. Financial Statement Analysis and Auditing. I hv butterflies just to think about it. And it seems like a non-stop groupwork. It drained my energy to do anything else. Which is why I declined an offer to be a treasurer for UPH Award. I would ♥ to get the experience, but I hate doing things halfway. I'm not good with shared responsibilities. I can only handle one task at a time and pouring all I have into it.
I can't believe it has been a month. It felt like forever. I wish this semester ends already. I miss having nothing to do and the work I need to come up with something to do since I hv absolutely nothing to do.
Until we blog again.
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