Saturday, November 28, 2009


A quick catch-up
- FSA of Indofood is done. Way done actually. It went okay, I supposed. My team members were awesome and our presentation was so-so.
- Audit presentation also done. Our team member got an Enron case presentation. I think it went smoothly! :)
- Spent a weekend at Sukabumi. It was like fun overrated! So much fun there. Enjoying nature and enjoying ourselves.
- Finally New Moon is out. And yes I've watched it. The wait is finally over. Personally, I ♥ the book much more, ofcourse. But the crew and cast worked really hard and they did great!
- My parents just bought me a mini HP notebook. And I'm a happy daughter right now. Thank you daddy and mommy.
- I got my shot for cervics cancer vaccine thingy. Which still stings and I still feel a little sore. But, it's important to keep the cancer away. Going to get another shot in february, then in may. No more fear tho! LOL. I was actually kinda scared before the 1st shot. Not anymore now!
- Been more and more in ♥ with my diana camera.
- Final exam is less than 2 weeks away. Then, holiday! Woohoo!!
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