Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Love The People, I Love The Food, I Love The Ambience, and I Love Life

Life has been pretty wonderful lately (thesis problem aside). I'm currently loving life. Sure, my dad's waterboom is having security problem which I confess, worries me a little bit, but other than that, my life has been quite amazing. Thank you, God.

Last friday, I held a little gather up at Ita Suki restaurant as a birthday dinner thingy. But to be honest, I just wanted to gather all of my friends together and just have a really good time. And we did!
For the longest time I tried to make sure everybody's schedule is not conflicting so everybody could come. Unfortunetaly, only 18 of them came. I invited 20 people, but to be honest, at 90% attendance, that night was pretty magical.

There were two cameras. And I strangely look at the front one, but the other didn't. Then when I look at side one, the others look at the front one. It's so silly!

Yes, I have a sligthly sister complex. But she's been there the whole time. How can I not love her? Of course, she loves me back just as much, you silly!

My closest classmates. We've been through a lot (all those late night team work, assignments, presentation, projects after projects). Do not blame our little way to pretend to be crazy in order to not actually be crazy.

A more appropriate picture of us. 
Dearest, VK and RT, I hope we'll stay in touch even after we graduate! (yeah, like my thesis is not killing me right now)

With our husband (yes, he's the husband of all three of us. Just kidding, he's a really good friend of us and sometimes we treat him like a husband ;p )

Aaanndd.. It's a wrap!
Birthday Girl

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